We report the article of the radio telescope receiver based on RAL10 Total-Power produced by RadioAstroLab, the parable of 2.3 meters in diameter provided the partner company PrimaLuceLab, installed at the Museum Of Balì.

The Museum and Tour: Sunday, May 19, 2013, 17:00


Inauguration of a radio telescope in the park of Balì

Sunday, May 19th at 17:00 will be inaugurated the new radio telescope of the Museum of the Balì.

With a parable of nearly two and a half meters in diameter, the new instrument will collect data in a window of wavelengths invisible to our eyes, and will be dedicated to Franco Pacini, a great Italian astrophysicist who died a little over a year ago.

The radio telescope will not so much to observe the sky, how to listen. The radio signals collected, in fact, may be converted into sound waves in the frequency range to which we are sensitive. So you can listen to live the Sun, the Milky Way or the remains of a supernova, the residues of the atmosphere of a star that ended its life in a powerful explosion. In other words, the telescope will be able to gather "alternative" information about celestial objects making more complete our knowledge about the world around us.

For the occasion, Stefania Varano, a researcher at the National Institute of Astrophysics of Bologna, will give a conference open to the public on radio astronomy and the potential of a tool that will extend in fact not only our senses, but also the offer of school laboratories for next year.

Born with a strong astronomical footprint, the Museum of the Balì has decided to strengthen this peculiarity making the sky an even more fascinating place. The radio telescope is one of many initiatives put in the pipeline for next year, important anniversary for the museum that will make it 10 years. A decade of activities to disseminate, communicate and make science and culture closer to the schools and to the public of all kinds and ages.

For more information, visit www.museodelbali.it