RadioAstroLab provides for electronic control systems for electro-medical applications, in particular for electrosurgical.

The electrosurgical is the main instrument of electrosurgery and uses intense currents and radio frequency (RF) energy to cut and coagulate tissues.

It is used to solve problems relating to the escape of blood due to the severed of blood vessels. It allows its use according to the cutting action or coagulum.

The realization of both the cutting of the coagulum that is obtained by exploiting the Joule effect (thermal effect): the energy dissipated by the current-carrying conductor is absorbed by the tissues transformed into heat. It causes in the cells of the tissue three different transformations depending on the temperature that is reached:

  • Cutting effect of the tissues
  • effect of coagulum
  • Combined effect of cutting and coagulum

The electrosurgical unit can be used in different fields: general surgery, endoscopic surgery, cardiac surgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, neurosurgery, dental surgery etc....

Our experience in the design and manufacture of electronic control systems for electrosurgical, enables us to offer and propose any technologically advanced solutions to companies that working in this sector.


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