RadioAstroLab provides the control electronics and laminar flow cabinets and Biohazard cabinets.


The laminar flow cabinets devices are mainly used in clinical laboratories, microbiology, veterinary and diagnostic microbiology where there are risks associated with frequent use of microorganisms.

The primary purpose of the cabinets consists in the aspiration of biological agents harmful pathogens, and then providing protection not only for the operator but also for the surrounding environment, avoiding the possibility of contamination ensuring sterility conditions.

The sterilization of the air inside of the hood is achieved through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) made of micro fiberglass that filter the air by removing harmful bacteria and viruses.

Biological safety cabinets are divided into three categories that correspond to the different levels of security and are widespread in all laboratories for analysis, quality control, and biological.

Our experience in designing and manufacturing of electronic controls for laminar flow cabinets and Biohazard cabinets, enables us to offer and propose any technologically advanced solutions to companies that working in this sector.

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