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The hardware platforms GENUSmed proposed by RadioAstroLab are a family of sophisticated ultrasound generators (US) of low frequency [22 kHz - 60 kHz] controlled with microprocessor and designed for medical applications. Our generators drive, with high efficiency, any piezoelectric transducer or commercial handpiece operating within the specified band of frequencies. 


GENUSmed ultrasonic generators for low frequency medical applications


We wish that medical equipment manufacturers express their projectuality by focusing on the final application and the protocols that define the uniqueness and originality of their devices. The certainty of using a module that is fully programmable in its function and can solve any critical issue connected to the control of a piezoelectric transducer, allows designers to propose innovative protocols for the equipment's use and to test new therapeutic methods. 

The foreseen applications range from dental surgery (tartar removal, implantology) to physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

Our kit for aesthetic medicine, for esample, consist of:

Ultrasound generator board, excluding external wiring

• Transformer with unfinished wires 

• Display board + 240x64 graphic display excluding external wiring

• Encoder board with 300mm cable for menu navigation and functions' selection

• Pedal for the management of the ON / OFF.

On request we can supply the product assembled and ready to use upon delivery by the customer of the box containing the electronic components.

The innovative feature of the GENUSmed line, which is a technical reference for physiotherapy and aesthetic medicine, is the efficiency of the automatism that optimizes transducers’ driving: reliability, operational accuracy and flexibility of use in the full programmability of its functions. Our sophisticated control algorithm represents the "intelligence" of the device: the user always has the certainty to operate safely and efficiently, automatically and "transparently" even when the operating conditions are critical and transducers are stressed for load, temperature and aging.

The measurement system GENUS_Spectrum has been developed for internal use to study, characterize and optimize the response of any piezoelectric hand piece or transducer designed for this sector and working within the frequency band from 22 to 60 kHz, optimizing GENUS modules parameters so as to ensure the best driving. With this software we will be able to match your transducer / handpiece in the best possible way to our electronic.

Our products are designed internally, so the after-sales service is guaranteed.


GENUS_Spectrum: system of measurement, analysis and characterization of commercial piezoelectric transducers in the frequency band from 22 to 60 kHz

 Piezoelectric transducers commonly used in the medical field for aesthetic and physiotherapy applications.

Piezoelectric transducers commonly used in the medical field for aesthetic and physiotherapy applications. 


U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL080: suited for piezoelectric hand pieces in aesthetic

U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL080: suited for piezoelectric hand pieces in aesthetic and US therapy applications of low frequency.


U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL112

U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL112: suitable for piezoelectric hand piece in low power medical applications (dental surgery). Two versions of the module are available: the first is controllable through a serial communication channel, the second one is independently manageable by a START-STOP line and by potentiometers for the setting of the power level and of the amplitude modulation depth (pulse mode). The U.S. output is floating.


U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL151

U.S. generator module GENUSmed RAL151: suitable for piezoelectric transducers in power medical applications. This module is indicated for applications where arrays of transducers are used, each of them characterized by high power. The board also implements a thermal protection for the generator circuit with safety shutdown via relay. The control takes place through a serial communication channel opto-isolated from the power circuit. The U.S. output is floating.