RAL10BT is a source of low voltage battery designed to allow the use of RadioAstroLab tools (or any other equipment operating at 12 VDC) in areas not served by the electricity grid. The device, equipped with an hermetic rechargeable battery able to ensure high operational autonomy, includes the electronic circuit of the battery from the network with high efficiency.RAL10BT rechargeable source of low-voltage power

The RAL10BT module contains The power source (lead-acid sealed  rechargeable battery 12 VDC-7.5 VA), the protective devices and the electronic circuit with high performance designed for optimal charging of the battery which optimizes durability and efficiency.

The system is designed to be connected to a mains power supply single phase in the range of 85-265 VAC/50-60 Hz

the internal electronic circuit manages the charging process by activating the necessary protections and automatically adjusting the voltage and charge current as a function of the actual state of the battery.


RAL10BT is usable with all the Radioastrolab tools for measurement sessions of long duration when the power grid is not available.