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Welcome to the News section of RadioAstroLab
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Contact and Location
Research projects
Welcome to the world of Amateur Radio Astronomy
The scientific sector of RadioAstroLab
Electronic control systems for applications that use the technology of ultrasound in the medical field, industrial field, washing and cleaning, restoration of works of art
Advanced user interfaces for scientific and medical application
From electrosurgery to ultrasonic implantology, the medical sector of RadioAstroLab
Custom applications
The image gallery of RadioAstroLab
Projects & materials about Radio Astronomy
Catalogs and manuals about our products
Seismic sensor - Seismograph
Articles about radio astronomy
RAL10 Line radiometers: We clarify the differences between the various measuring instruments
Self-construction of a microwave radio telescope: The RAL10KIT
Build a microwave radio telescope with RAL10AP
RAL10 Receiver for radiometric observations at 11.2 GHz
11.2 GHz radiometric receiver for educational radio astronomy observations
FAQ on the construction of a radio astronomy receiver using the RAL10KIT
Collection of experiences and projects of amateur astronomers and radio amateurs with RAL10KIT
Experiments at 11.2 GHz with SPIDER230: The transit of Taurus A
Recording the transit of Cassiopeia A through the SPIDER230 radio telescope
download/ 1 pages
Welcome to the Download section of RadioAstroLab
genus-ultrasonic-technology/ 2 pages
GENUS Ultrasonic generators of low-frequency for industrial applications ultrasonic cleaning
Cavitation medical, ablation or ultrasonic scaling of tartar
medical-instrumentation/ 2 pages
Use of Electrosurgical in Surgery
The laminar flow cabinets and Biohazard cabinets
news/ 3 pages
Inauguration of a radio telescope at the Museum of Bali Saltara
May 19, 2013 Inauguration of the Radio Telescope
National Congress of Amateur Radio Astronomy
pdf/ 17 pages
radio-astronomy/ 12 pages
What is Radio Astronomy and what does it do
Radio telescopes for measurement of the radio flow
The History of Radio astronomy since 1931 to date
Main problems of amateur radio astronomy
Listening radio signals at very low frequencies
Frequencies in the MF ranges from 300 kHz to 3 MHz (Medium Frequency) and HF 3 MHz to 30 MHz (High Frequency)
Radio astronomy experiments in the VHF and UHF bands
Radio astronomy in the microwave band
Celestial scenery seen from the antenna of an amateur radio telescope
The discovery of neutron stars (PULSAR: Pulsating Radio Source)
Radio interferometry, sophisticated generation of radio telescopes
SETI Research (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
scientific-instrumentation/ 4 pages
RAL10BT rechargeable source of low-voltage power
Data logger for signals generated by radiometric systems and various types of sensors such as temperature, light, pressure
RALDataH, relative humidity and ambient temperature measurer
RALDC Rechargeable field DC Power Source Unit