Electronic microprocessor control system with flash-on-chip technology, automatic start-up at the power supply and automatic matching on the resonance frequency of the transducer.


Electronic microprocessor control system, available in boxed version. Automatic start at power supply and automatic matching on the resonance frequency of the transducer.


analog, with power control


analog, with power and frequency control


digital, with timer, temperature and power control

Do you have a custom project for which the electronic part is missing? Let us know what we’re dealing with!

We need some info about the transducers:

  1. number of tranducers
  2. single or double piezo
  3. how are they connected to each other
  4. work frequency
  5. work power

If you have any picture of your application or transducers datasheet, share it! It will make things easier and faster.

Send it all to info@radioastrolab.it and we will get back to you asap!

Our ultrasonic generators are designed to control a wide range of transducers operating in the 22-60 kHz frequency band. An innovative microprocessor technology optimizes the transducer driving: reliability, operational precision and flexibility of use in the complete programmability of its functions are the strengths of our control boards.

With our products we address to manufacturers of washing systems and ultrasonic baths, in the various sectors where this type of treatment is required. Depending on the powers required, we have various models available, highly customizable, supplied in appropriate containers, but if necessary also in their open version (on which the manufacturer will provide adequate ventilation). Once the customer has indicated the main characteristics of the transducers to be controlled, we will identify the most suitable board for its application and, if needed, make the necessary changes to maximize the piloting.

It is our practice to request that the customer send the tank / tubolar / plate to be controlled, in order to be sure of delivering to the customer the best product for its application.


– Want to know more about piezo electric transducers?


Following the continuous requests from customers, we have decided to develop a complete assistance service on the tanks and the ultrasonic washing systems, both of our production and of other companies.
When a tank stops working, usually the problem is not in mechanics, but in electronics, the most delicate and subject to obsolescence. And this is where we can help.
Our skills allow us to intervene on the electronics of existing systems, we can repair the controls of a tank that does not work, replace them with more modern and performing boards … WE CAN BRING NEW LIFE TO YOUR ULTRASOUND PRODUCTS!

Let us know all the technical info and we will assist you: commerciale@radioastrolab.it


Mechanical small parts washing – Jewelery washing – Surgical and medical instruments washing  – Non-destructive analysis of the elements – Food homogenization – Restoration of works of art – Laboratory instruments washing and … your custom application!