Due to the emergency situation linked to COVID-19 and in compliance with the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 22nd, RadioAstroLab will stop its production and goods reception activities, from March 26th to April 3rd (included). For necessity you can write to as we are operating in smart-working.

Customers who remain operational because they are directly or indirectly involved in the strategic sectors indicated in the decree, and who need technical support and / or urgent material, are asked to contact us. We will notify the Prefect as required by law and we will reactivate as soon as possible to satisfy the requests.

Let’s get to know each other

Founded in Senigallia in 2004, RadioAstroLab is an electronic design company focused mainly on the production of ultrasonic generators, used for washing objects whose shape makes it difficult the cleaning with traditional means: motors, electronic cards, medical instruments, mechanical parts, jewelry, glasses…

Alongside this production sector we have been able to develop, thanks to the owner’s passion, a parallel niche production, dedicated to the receivers for amateur radio astronomy: a series of tools for those who want to approach the celestial bodies from another perspective, that of the radio waves.

RadioAstroLab is a company certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 requirements.


We are producers of ultrasound electronics. If you are a manufacturer of tanks or ultrasonic cleaning systems, you are in the right place: we have many products in the catalog, which we can adapt to your needs!

We are also specialized in the replacement of faulty or obsolete electronic parts (of any brand) in ultrasonic cleaning and washing systems in the professional, medical and industrial fields (after characterizing the transducers in our laboratories), offering the suitable generator for each application, possibly complete with control interfaces. Technical assistance is always guaranteed.