Everything you need for original and fascinating experiences in amateur and semi-professional radio astronomy. All our products are made to fit with standard TV-SAT components (dishes, LNB, coaxial cable 75Ohm) used to receive in the frequency band 10-12 GHz.

To create an amateur radio telescope, the following components are required:

  • receiver (ours are RAL10KIT, RAL10AP and RAL10TS, see differences below),
  • antenna (with its own LNB or ours, thermostabilized and more precise; the antennas for satellite TV are perfect for starting)
  • coaxial cable for connection between the LNB and the receiver
  • a computer on which to download for free our Aries acquisition and control software, to be connected via USB to the receiver.

You can buy our products directly from us: here’s how.


an electronic module designed for those who want to approach the radio astronomy and already has some basic concept of electronic assembly, as the user will have to autonomously provide a container and a suitable power supply.


the ready-to-use version of the KIT, complete with power supply, with the additional feature of an audio output that allows you to listen to the revealed noise.


the most complete and performing of our receivers, ready to use and complete with power supply. It is completely controlled by the software via PC, it has an audio output to listen to the revealed noise, and is thermostabilized, therefore it allows a greater accuracy and stability of the measurement.


The control and acquisition software that comes along with every receiver.


In addiction to the receivers, you can also find some useful accessories: an attenuator to be used when observing the Sun with very sensitive instruments; an external battery to use our receivers in areas not served by the electricity grid, and an external Low Noise Block unit (LNB). You may also use the LNB supplied with you antenna, but consider that ours is thermostabilized, for a greater stability of the measurement.