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Portable and rechargeable source of low voltage power supply (12 VDC nominal) designed for the use of instrumentation in areas not served by the electric grid and with critical environmental conditions.

The device looks like a robust and easily transportable shockproof case that encloses the rechargeable battery and the control electronics. A side panel includes the external connections and the displays that signal the system operating status.


Field power supply RALDC
Field power supply RALDC 2


The device, which uses a sealed rechargeable battery with high operational autonomy (charge capacity 44 Ah), includes an electronic control circuit that controls the charging of the battery and verifies its functioning during operational conditions. The adoption of a microprocessor and a technology specially developed for professional applications in hostile environments provides flexibility and high operating efficiency in the different working conditions, often burdensome, needed for the field instrumentation.

The RALDC circuits are all at low safety voltage: peculiar feature of the device is the possibility of using, for recharging the battery and for the user's power supply, an external power supply from the network with extended input voltage range (100 / 240 VAC - 47/63 Hz - 120W - 19 V / 6.3 A) supplied, or any voltage auxiliary source 12-24 VDC. This source may be another RALDC units connected in parallel, a set of external rescue batteries, or an auxiliary emergency generator. The system automatically detects the presence of the external power by activating the necessary functionality.

An internal heating system is provided, controlled by the microprocessor, which keeps the battery at a temperature not lower than +6 ° C when operating in particularly cold areas, ensuring maximum efficiency and durability of the component.

RALDC is the ideal continuous power source when a low and noise free voltage is required, and find wide spectrum of applications in the measurement, monitoring and data acquisition campaigns, in geological prospecting, environmental surveys, land monitoring and underground, in nautical and oceanographic applications, in oil exploration campaigns, instrumentation for special bodies and industry in general.

RALDC is indispensable wherever you need a reliable low-voltage power source, electromagnetically "clean", easily transportable, shock resistant and weatherproof.


RALDC is indispensable wherever you need a reliable low-voltage power source electromagnetically easily transportable, shock resistant and weatherproof.
 A high efficiency circuit transforms and stabilizes the voltage level of the external power source


A high efficiency circuit transforms and stabilizes the voltage level of the external power source for the charger circuit power stage by implementing the necessary protections. A microprocessor controls the functions and manages the battery charging cycles (activation - red LED LOW, intensive charging – yellow LED MED, maintenance – green LED HIGH) in the correct sequence and according to the parameters established by the type of battery used to guarantee efficiency and durability.

When discharging the control circuit verifies the battery status indicating the remaining capacity by the flashing of the LED BATTERY CHARGE: green HIGH LED indicates a fully charged battery, the yellow MED LED indicates an intermediate power level, the red LOW LED indicates a low battery. If the user fails to recharge the battery, the system may bypass the unit when the output voltage is below the minimum safe value. All the necessary electronic protections are implemented and internal fuses are provided.

The device comprises a heater that keeps the battery temperature to a value of not less than about +6 ° C when the instrument is used in extreme environmental conditions: they are reported by the LED BATTERY TEMP. The extreme temperature values +50 ° C (HIGH red LED) and -10 ° C (LOW blue LED). If there is a fault or an interruption of the temperature sensor connection, the alarm displayed by the flashing of the LED BATTERY TEMP activates. The activity of the heater is indicated by the LED HEATER.


RALDC Technical Features

The RALDC unit is designed to feed low voltage instruments (10-15 VDC) in areas not served by the electric grid and in harsh environmental situations, offering high operational autonomy and safety of operation. Ease of transport and instrument robustness are ensured by the following features of the polypropylene container:

  • Hermetic seal.
  • Eutomatic pressurization valve.
  • Double snap security closures.
  • Soft handle that improves grip and comfort.
  • Bilingual provision for the padlock.
  • Stackable system.
  • Very thick walls to ensure impact resistance.
  • Zipper along the entire profile of the suitcase.
  • Corrosion-resistant nylon pins.
  • Internal filler: agglomeration of thermo-acoustic foam (100% recyclable, operating temperature: -45 °C / +105 °C, reaction to fire: Class 1 UNI9174-UNI9176, European Class C S3 D0). This material does not release fibers, resistant to fungi, pests, weather, ozone, mineral oils, does not undergo hydrolysis.
  • Interior dimensions of the suitcase-container: [500 x 350 x 194H] mm.
  • External dimensions of the suitcase-container: [555 x 428 x 211H] mm.
  • Weight: around 24 Kg.
  • Internal battery: hermetically sealed 12 VDC – 44 Ah.
  • Battery operating temperature: -20°C / +50°C.
  • AC external power: power supply 100/240 VAC - 47/63 Hz, Pot.: 120W – Output voltage: 19 V - 6.3 A.
  • Load power supply voltage: From 10 V to about 14.5 V when the battery is loading. About 14.5 V in stabilized power supply mode.
  • Microprocessor for system management.
  • High-efficiency power circuits.
  • All the operating cycles of the battery charging are protected and tension limited, with parameters in function of the type of battery used.
  • Heat-stabilized heater to maintain the battery temperature of not less than +6 °C.
  • LED visualization of the battery charge status (LED BATTERY CHARGE).
  • LED visualization of the battery charge cycles (LED BATTERY CHARGE).
  • LED visualization of the heater activity and of the limit values of the battery temperature (-10 °C e +50 °C).
  • Alarm in the event of interruption or failure of the temperature sensor.
  • Protection fuses for the battery, for the user circuit and for the external power lines.